Da mihi locus standi, et terra movebo” (Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world).
I daresay that this dictum is apt, relevant and most appropriate to vividly illuminate on my odyssey hitherto as I serve the Lord.
Out of curiosity, precisely in the year 1989, I ventured into a brief and totally unplanned sight-seeing around the city of Abeokuta, a very popular and historical city in South West Nigeria, of whose fame I had heard so much previously.
As we (my wife, myself and our two children as at then), stepped into the town, I plainly heard God say to me, “Son, stay in this place”. I was bewildered. Instantly, I informed my wife about this unanticipated instruction from God. 
The whole drama became rather crazier when, with only #7.00, (Seven Naira), in my pocket as we moved around town, I approached the office of an estate agent, and requested for a very decent apartment in an elite neighborhood. I took that step because I was conscious that God had never disappointed me. No, not once.
We eventually moved into a house in one of the quiet highbrow housing estates in the city, without beddings or any furniture.  I only had confidence in God who told me that even from the “city under a rock”, (that is what the name ‘Abeokuta’ means), He, (God) would use me to reach the entire world in an amazing manner.
Humbly, I did not disobey the heavenly voice, neither did I purloin the Word of the Lord. However, I kept wondering how the promised global phenomenon would be accomplished; realizing that I did not possess the resources to be junketing around the world.
With time, I started a church, but one day in October 2004, I was supposed to visit my daughter at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. My driver was already seated inside the car and my wife was also seated, as I put my left foot into the car to sit down so we could take off for the trip I heard God say, “Go back to your office now and write a magazine to encourage My servants.” I then told my wife, “Please I am under instruction to return to the office to write a magazine.” I came down immediately and left for the office. When I got to the office, I took some sheets of paper and a biro, then I said: “Father I am ready what do I write.” He said, “write about the sexual temptation you had recently; precisely the way it happened.” I did, and then wrote another article and that was the beginning of Ministers Alive magazine which is skewed towards encouraging ministers of God, and to foster unity amongst them. The Lord told me to write and distribute the magazine free of charge.
As usual, I obeyed that God’s latest instruction to the letter.
I sold off all I could sell to be able to distribute the magazine to various nations. Soon we began to receive amazing testimonies from Christian leaders worldwide and an international magazine named it, “one of the Most frank literatures.” It brought reconciliation among ministers. Many ministers who had hidden questions had answers to their questions.
A few years later, precisely in 2010, God issued yet another command which entailed a rather stupendous dimension. He gave me The Jesus Dream (TJD) vision and told me it will bring the Body of Christ together worldwide and I proclaimed it as the Most Unifying Christian Experience in the World since Pentecost.
At a point, these dazzling moves of God tended to puzzle me; although I know that God has always honoured whatever He said. The “How?” question was underscored by the fact that I am totally a novice when it comes to internet maneuverings. Added to that, I had some almost daunting challenges in health, marriage, finance, etc. I thrust my whole life into the assignment.
Today, the world impact of TJD annual event, while I am still at the spot which God had commanded me to stay, though free to move now, is surely a wonder to me and everyone following the trend of things.
God is facilitating this feat by stirring up individuals, churches and several media houses increasingly each year around nations of the world who freely advertise TJD.
Such has been my giddying odyssey as I have been labouring genuinely in the Lord’s vineyard.


  • Not yet travelled abroad to Europe or America etc.
  • Living in a city under the rocks.
  • No Church crowd or business to generate funds.
  • No mentor to support or connect me with other leaders.
  • A novice on the internet. YET confessing to be used by God to have a world impacting vision.

… and today that confession is becoming a reality as God mobilizes His children to support what He is doing through me.
Only one woman can give birth to a child while many help nurse the child to adulthood.
Every vision must be born by one man or woman. So are The Ministers Alive magazine and The Jesus Dream.
These are seeds of the Holy Spirit deposited within me from heaven which I gave birth to and now God’s faithful children, reading the revelations behind these visions are running with them.
Please, receive the Ministers Alive and The Jesus dream vision.



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