1. A preacher FULL of himself or herself can’t effectively preach Christ who EMPTIED Himself (Phil. 2:7).


2. God took time to prepare Abraham for Isaac and to prepare Isaac for Abraham. On mount Moriah, Abraham did not struggle with God and Isaac did not struggle with Abraham. Even the ram provided for the sacrifice was held in a thicket not to struggle with Abraham. When we allow God to take time to prepare us for ministry, we struggle less in ministry.


3. A minister who’s preaching increases grace in the lives of his/her audience should expect to eat the fruit of the labour of Jesus far above the fruit of his/her labour.


4. God gave Abraham the nations of the world. It is therefore clear that it is UNITED MINISTERS of God and not UNITED PRESIDENTS OF NATIONS that will determine what happens to the nations of the world.


5. The success of a man’s ministry depends largely on GRACE more than on FAITH. Applying great faith where there is no grace results in frustration. Where there is grace, mustard seed faith produces outstanding ministry.


6. In ministry, it is not who arrived first, but how many and what types of obstacles you overcame to mould you as you arrived. Ministers that make it overnight usually pack up in the morning. Go with God’s pace for you. You have no mates to compete with; rather, you have a purpose to unveil.


7. We may be able to do a Kingdom work; but if we are not SENT by the Holy Spirit to do it, then we will not be rewarded for doing it.




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