The purpose of our partnership is to speedily advance the kingdom of God, within borders given by the Holy Spirit. Since God thoroughly searches our hearts to see the motives behind every act; even with our partnership, then we must evaluate the impact of each work on the body of Christ generally to know the level of partnership to be involved in.
The only thing that God will take out of this world is the incorruptible body of Christ; so investing in a vision like this that strengthens ministers and encourages unity which was Jesus’ main prayer before his death, is a fertile soil to sow prayer, financial and material seeds.
When you sow a monthly financial seed of any amount to the Lord through this ministry, you are encouraging and strengthening ministers of the Gospel as well as fostering unity among ministers of God, which is the first major challenge in Christendom.
Be sure to receive the prophet’s reward (John 10:41). Your seed on this soil is not blessing one great man of God but men of God both in the mission fields and cities. Though Samuel was a great Prophet, his anointing alone could not make the Spirit of the Lord to rest upon Saul until Saul met a group of Prophets (1 Sam. 10:5-6). When ministers come together, God does the extra-ordinary through them.
It’s the United Ministers and not United Nations that will change the world.
Your seed graciously sent today will make us experience God’s faithfulness again. His Word says; “Let him who is taught the Word share in all good things with him who teaches…”         (Gal. 6:6-7). When you receive and don’t give back, you break God’s circle of blessing.
Peter gave Jesus his boat to preach and in return, he caught a boat full of fishes. When Peter’s boat was full of fishes, he called for James and John who were his business partners and they equally filled their boats with fishes. They enjoyed the grace upon Peter’s life and ministry.
Let’s join hands to lift up all ministers; that way, we lift up the body. 
When you send your monthly seed, kindly let us know so we can enlist you as one of our partners to receive the magazine monthly in a partners pack.
Here are some testimonies of our partners:


  1. “The emergence of Ministers Alive financial Partner’s Prayer booklet was a mystery that

manifested into a testimony in my family. My only aunty was attacked with stroke when the August edition of Ministers Alive was delivered. As I gathered my spiritual books on warfare for prayers and kept the Ministers Alive for future reading, a voice said to me “Why don’t you go through that magazine.” I went for it and since I am a partner, the prayer book was included in mine. The first two pages convinced me of healing by faith. I used the booklet to cry to God. My aunty was told to buy a tripod walking stick as against the wooden one in use. As I turned on the prayer booklet, the walking stick broke into two that same day and she started walking without any support. Her speech is now perfect. I return all the glory and adoration to God.”
Deaconess F. D.  

2.  On a daily basis in the early 1980s, I had the leading to stand in the gap for the communist world.
Later on in 1985, Mikail Gorbachev, the then Soviet President came up with his Glasnost and Perestroika policies which opened up the secretive Soviet nation to the outside world and later brought down communism and the disintegration of the Soviet Union.
This event gave me a great sense of fulfilment and the satisfaction knowing that I had been part of the cast that affected the testimony.
This describes how I feel today as a vision-partner to MINISTER ALIVE when I see ministers testifying to their having reconciled and forgiven other ministers that had wronged them. I enjoy no greater joy than to see the positive effect of my contribution as a prayer/financial partner to a unique vision like this.
Pastor A. A.

3. Sometime last year, my church was trying to put up a befitting structure to replace the dilapidated wooden structure. All our efforts proved abortive as the money was not forthcoming.
One night, as I laid on my bed, confused and worried, I heard God say: “Look at the magazine you have with you – The Jesus Dream (TJD), take a seed and sow into that work.
The next Sunday, I called the elders of my church and instructed them to count the collection so far for the building. Then I asked them to remove the tithe for TJD.
A few months later, God ultimately provided financially for us and the wooden structure was pulled down for a modern one. I give God all the glory for the instruction.
Pastor F. S.

4. I sowed all the offering we had from a Sunday service into Ministers Alive Magazine vision.

It was a great sacrifice to us as a young church. Suddenly, God opened financial doors to us and we have in our possession right now an organ we could never have been able to purchase by our level of income.
I had to phone the MA correspondence in WARRI to always come around for our seed. Bless God.
Pastor T. M.



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