Slandered Yet Sliding in the Ministry

He preaches well, but….
But what? Oh! Haven’t you heard that he…
Somehow, some of us at different degrees have eaten the painful fruit of slander and we have also doled it out to others to swallow.
Are you having pain from slander against your person? Well, let’s take a trip together because pain has no respect for colour, geographical distance or class.
I once heard in times past that I usually beat my wife. Frankly, I was confused, not about what was said but how someone could imagine what type of slander to fabricate. Could he or she have designed a five option list to choose from? What could have suggested this type of slander?
But one day, (in case I am in a dream state), I had to ask my wife, just to be double sure if I had ever raised up my hand to slap or punch her once and she said she had never told anyone such a lie about me. I know it has never happened before God, my children or any man.
I have my slanders and you have your slanders too - men and women assigned to slander you because of your vision. But funny enough, in my case, they only succeeded to make me know that what I’m hearing about other preachers could be absolutely lies. What a way to gain from what was designed to give me pain.
‘If the praise of men puffs your head, the slander of men will break your heart’.
Slander will have no effect on you when you understand its purpose. Slander is aimed at discrediting you though the final victim is not you; but those who would have benefitted from your ministry. The enemy makes them doubt you and God can’t help them otherwise if you were one of the vessels meant to bless them. Also, when the enemy wants to cut off your helpers, he makes sure you are slandered before them so as to discourage them from helping you and getting blessed also.
Satan is the real one behind all slander. He is the accuser of the brethren (Rev. 12:10). But he uses pastors against each other to fulfil this effective ministry since the more respect you have for a person, the more you believe what he says. This subtle weapon is very effective against the Body of Christ largely due to the Spirit of envy and competition between ministers of God.
But why will a minister of God choose to run alongside with the vision of Satan against God’s own children, who are fellow minsters?
Haven’t you wondered how close friends, (ministers), come together to slander other ministers? Yet, somehow that slandered minister gets to hear what was said eventually; even though he or she had no representative at the venue where the slander originated from or was fueled. Yes, the Bible says in Ecc. 10:20 that a bird in the air may report what you say.
Why spread bad news when we are ordained to spread good news?
My greatest pain is that ministers sent and blessed by God are being used by the devil against one another.
Let’s take a case study of a scandal in the Bible.
Jezebel slandered Naboth. She proclaimed a fast and said they should accuse Naboth of cursing God and the King (1King 21:10). They did that and killed him. What prompted her to slander Naboth? She wanted his vineyard for Ahab. Hence, she resorted to slander; yet Naboth was a man of integrity. He was offered a better vineyard at any cost but he refused to sell his birthright.
I Kings 21:3 “… I will not give you the inheritance of my fathers”. Despite his integrity, Naboth was slandered. Men and women of integrity face serious slander. Preacher, don’t be worried. Preach on. Jezebel stationed two scoundrels as false witnesses to testify against Naboth. Let twenty people testify just to slander you it does not make any difference. Naboth, Jezebel, Ahab, the scoundrels and God knew the truth; only the masses were in the dark. Move on and overcome that slander against you. They may bury the truth, for a while but they can’t keep the TRUTH buried permanently.
Some ministers slander other ministers when they don't have the kind of sucesses that others have. Talk about envy, bitterness, and jealousy. They are found more in ministerial circles.
It’s not time to occupy your life with ‘your slander’. Yes, it is your slander. But keep it where you deem fit! Maybe, somewhere in the trash bin. John the Baptist was called a demon. Jesus was slandered. They called Him a glutton and drunkard. Imagine that! What did they call you?
They said He cast out evil spirits with the help of Beelzebub. They couldn’t do what he was doing so they decided to slander Him. When folks have tried to match up with you and yet you’re still advancing at a speed they can’t imagine, they resort to slander. Did honey not come out of carcass? I am encouraging you today out of my slander. What are you doing with your slander? Cry? Complain? Look for the originator? Back out? Resolve to Praying for God to kill your enemies?
Don’t waste your slander on such things. Rather like I discovered, Jesus taught the crowd with his slander. What they said about Jesus did not stop Him. He stopped himself when His night season came.
Only your night season,(after you have fulfilled your purpose), can stop you not all these talks. Slander me the more! I slide forward faster. Most times you will never be able to get at the originators of your scandal. In trying to locate them, you get distracted. Ignore them and go ahead. They are part of those sent by the devil but used by God to test you for the next level of lifting.
If you have been given a great ministry expect great slander.
What they say about you will not determine your destiny. It will only affect those who take in the rubbish. Hey! Dust your clothes and get ahead!
With deliberate effort, get detached from words of men that are holding you from moving forward. Be an end-time power broker that words of mere men cannot stop. If the Word of God says: ‘Go’, don’t allow the word of men to stop you. Don’t allow slander make you a defensive soldier of Christ. Go ahead and attack despite slander. Break new grounds.
I am an invading force no one within my household or outside can stop. When I find a roadblock, it encourages me to gather speed to jump over it. Hey! Before the latest obstacle surfaced on my path, I never knew I could jump so high.
I am moving on to higher ground!
You can’t stop a slander. Don’t let it stop you.




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