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  1. Reconciliation Drama of Two Pastors Onitsha, S/E Nigeria 10:00 AM, NOV 13, 2011

A pastor invited me to preach at the annual convention of his Church in Onitsha City, South East, Nigeria. When I arrived the Church premises, I noticed another Church meeting in the same building. My host pastor uses the second floor, while the other church is on the third floor. As I was being led upstairs my spirit sensed a tensed atmosphere and the Holy Spirit said to me; “Both pastors in this building are supposed to be one but they are divided.”
When I got to the Church; though it was apparent that everyone was happy that I came, but I was not excited because of the spiritual atmosphere in the vicinity. The Lord said I should go upstairs to the other church, to greet the pastor there.
So, when the choir was to sing before I mounted the podium, I called my host pastor aside and said to him: ‘Let’s go up to the other church’.
He then asked: ‘what for?’
I said; “I wanted to go and greet the pastor there.”
Then he said: “But sir, they are in a worship session.”
I replied: “I know. When I get there I will bow and greet and turn back.”
Those who want to actually advance the kingdom must bow sometimes even to those they consider juniors. Jesus made Himself of no reputation and took the nature of a servant (Phil. 2:7) in order to advance the kingdom.
We went upstairs, I didn’t know that my host pastor felt bad about my moves but hid it from me until he confessed it openly later.
When we got upstairs, the other pastor saw us and took us to a nearby office while the congregation may have been surprise for seeing my host pastor in their Church.
Then the Holy Spirit said a few words through me to both of them that, in all honesty, I can’t even remember today. I held the two pastors warmly and we embraced. Then suddenly, both of them embraced, and we returned to my host pastor’s Church.
When we arrived back at the church of my host pastor, he took the microphone and proclaimed to his congregation; ‘It’s over!’ ‘It’s over!!’ ‘It’s over!!!’ 
I had been the actor, but at that point, I became a spectator, because I was wondering what was over. He began to speak to the congregation. To my surprise, my host pastor said: “I and the pastor upstairs have hugged each other; for the first time in about six years.”‘What!’
I sat up as I was amazed at what I was hearing. My host pastor declared without any reservation to his members: “If Christ came yesterday, I would have gone to hell.”
I was then broken by his humility. He confessed openly that when I said we should go up to that pastor, he felt like putting an end to his convention so that I can go back home immediately.
Then the whole church went wild in a shout. The pastor’s wife instantly went on her knees. Some elders were on the floor praising God. What a grand, heart-warming spectacle to behold!
The Holy Spirit resolved in a minute, a matter that had been hanging for years. It’s now their duty to work out this salvation. My host pastor shouted to his congregation that “Satan has lost the battle.” The most interesting aspect of the whole drama is that no one had narrated stories to me. I didn’t know what had happened between those ministers; even till date. It is best not to inquire.
A few months later, my host pastor informed me that a Church that has been thirty years in existence and already having seven branches has submitted to his ministry and change its name to the name of his (host pastor’s) ministry.  What a miracle of reconciliation!
The walls are crumbling!
Emmanuel O. Ehimika (Preacherman)

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