In June 1989, Emmanuel Oje Ehimika, (Preacherman), his “early” wife, Bisi, and two daughters were on their way to Lagos, South-West Nigeria from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, when they decided to take a detour for sightseeing in the famous city of Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, South West, Nigeria, where the first Church in Nigeria is located.
As soon as they arrived at the city, he heard God say, “Stay here.” Without batting an eyelid, he told his wife that God just told him they should “stay here.” Then as they drove further into the heart of the City, he located the office of an Estate Agent and approached the agency for an accommodation in the estate.
The agent offered him a duplex in Asero Estate which he accepted; however, he told the agent he didn’t have the means of instant payment since he had only seven naira ($0.02) on him and he was not willing to part with it. But, he assured the agent that he had just been instructed by God to stay in the City therefore the bill will be paid at a later time.
For a while, the estate manager stared at him strangely but he eventually gave Preacherman the keys to the apartment and his family moved into it without furniture and all the necessary home accessories.
They did not know a single soul in the City neither did they have any business deals to lean on for financial support.
As soon as they moved into the house, he returned to Benin City to get all his motivational booklets, and started delivering motivational talks in secondary schools to generate funds. As time went by, he started a Christian magazine titled Joint Heirs.
Precisely in 1990, God instructed him to invite all the Christians living in the Estate where they live, irrespective of their denominations to start a fellowship in his house with the aim of fostering unity among the brethren. It was named Asero Christian Fellowship, (ACF).
To make this worthwhile, they prepared a feast in preparation for the first meeting. Surprisingly, many turned up; including extremists who rarely mixed with other Christians. On retrospect, this meeting aptly signified the foundation of what is today known as The Jesus Dream (TJD) Worldwide Worship Hour.
The Fellowship continued for some years until they moved out of the Estate. However, it was unknown to him that the foundation for a worldwide gathering had been laid. Thereafter, he started one of the earliest Christian telecasts in the State, as well as a Church, which God later instructed him to close down in 2004.
On a certain day, in the first week of November, 2004, his driver was seated at the steering seat and his wife on the left hand side of the back seat waiting for Preacherman to enter the car so they can travel to visit their daughter at Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. Then a divine instruction came when he was about putting his second leg inside the car and take off that he heard God say: “Go back to your office now and write a magazine to encourage My servants.” Without thinking twice about the instruction, he told his wife to continue the journey while he went straight to his office, took a pen and paper; and suddenly God began to speak. He began to write immediately. He wrote the first edition titled; Sexual Temptation of Preacherman – True Life Story. With proceeds from his motivational talks, he paid for the printing of the maiden edition and mobilized staff of his ministry to travel to cities across Nigeria to drop them free of charge at the door steps of pastors in their Churches. The spread and acceptance were electric because God sent him and the pattern was different – down to earth and real. Every genuine minister could identify with it.
Though amazing testimonies and commendations were coming in, it was not so with financial inflow from recipients to back up the cost of printing and distribution. He began to sell his personal belongings to keep Ministers Alive, (hard copies), on tables of ministers free of charge. After a while, some support began to troop in from Christian leaders who were not necessarily pastors. They saw it as a good soil to sow their financial seeds. In 2005, the sitting President of Nigeria as at then, (name withheld), who was a regular reader of Ministers Alive also partnered with it. While most pastors complained of Church projects as reasons for not being able to support financially; but a few of them did partner with Ministers Alive.
Ministers Alive brought massive healing among ministers with testimonies and comments from upcoming and renowned Christian leaders worldwide. You may log on to the website: for more details.
After much thought, he felt it was better to return to his Motivational Talk business from which he made so much money while he ran the Church.
He invested millions of naira, (Nigerian currency), into it but not one door opened. It failed totally and he lost all his investment.
Surprisingly, this was a business that he had previously engaged in for about 24 years  in the past with huge success recorded.
One particular day, while wondering why this business door was shut so tightly, one of his staff brought him an envelope while in the office; when he opened it, he saw the names of ten renowned leaders in Nigeria including his name as well as comments written concerning each one on what God said about each of them. The following message was what was written in it concerning Preacherman. The message presented here is totally unedited:
“The Ministers Alive magazine that I told you to be publishing and giving out freely to encourage My ministers and Christian leaders for them to be checking up their spiritual lives have done a lot in the spiritual lives of many ministers. Though the testimonies you heard about is lesser than those you do have heard. It has retraced the life of many of My ministers back to me. The work many considered impossible to some extent but I have kept my faithfulness upon you and the work for long time ago. I appreciate your effort of how you have been bringing unity into my kingdom. I am aware of all your needs even those you have not presented to me.
Emmanuel, why then are you relaxing and laboring so much to change your way from my primary assignment to you. Take counsel from me and amend your ways for you not to be ashamed of Egypt as you were ashamed of Assyria and I will take you above your imaginations in a short time.”
Immediately, Preacherman asked who dropped it and he was told a young man came to the gate to hand it over, and he left immediately.
At this juncture, Preacherman was alarmed because he had actually decided to divide his preoccupation between Ministers Alive (MA) and the Motivational Talk business. But God caught him right there!
However, he felt he shouldn’t be blamed. He thought he could behave like the Levites and singers who were not supported financially; thereby they returned to their occupation of farming, until Nehemiah came to their rescue. (Neh. 13:10-11), to mobilize the people to support the Levites.
Preacherman saw the message as exact and true to his posture as at then. So he prayed to God for forgiveness and continued zealously with MA again. Also, he dumped all the published Motivational booklets; despite the fact that he had wasted so much money on them.
Ministers Alive is considered one of the most undiluted writings to bring divine direction to leaders in the Church as well as heal and foster unity among Church leaders both in the Church and in the market place.
Most leaders keep the magazine as treasures for references; especially when discouraged.
In January 2021, Preacherman was led to make Ministers Alive come alive online to reach a wider audience worldwide.




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