Ministers are people taken from amongst men to minister back to men. In the process of carrying out our assignments, some of us do fall short of God’s and men’s expectations, but never falling short of His mercy. God is not shocked when His ministers fall even though men are disappointed. He is the all-knowing God, ever willing to lift up any of His servants who falls and desires to rise again.

While men do not give allowance for ministers to stumble sometimes, God does. Read the Scriptures.
For the righteous man may fall seven times and rise again…” (Prov. 24:16).

The simple truth is that the minister is the real target of Satan but a surer word is that he (Satan) is a defeated foe! Yes, he is an enemy who fights us with his subtle devices that make many stumble times and over. But then, it’s our duty to uphold and lift up fellow ministers who stumble.

Even when God orders our steps, we sometimes stray away and fall, but we are not cast down because God’s hands are underneath where we fell to lift us up. (Ps. 37: 23-24)

Before my wife and I had a long separation, anytime I preached, I used to boast that I can never divorce my wife. But while the separation lasted, at some weak moment, I decided to embark on a divorce suit and then, somewhere along the line, I remembered my earlier boasting.

It was at that point I found out, that until we go through a particular temptation or trial, we cannot make a categorical statement outside scriptures concerning how we would react or respond.

Today, I know that I’m not any better than divorced people; it’s just that God’s grace extended to me was very helpful and utilized in that area.
Scripture makes this clear to us:
“For in that He Himself has suffered being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted” (Heb. 2:18)
Dear man/woman of God, if you have fallen; rise up again gracefully, dust yourself and continue the race. Don’t be moved by the comments of those who have not experientially been where you are. God’s hands are always open towards you. His love for you is not determined by your holiness; it is His nature to love at all times.

Once you are a believer in Jesus Christ, even when you fall, you are not condemned but encouraged to rise again. Only those who do not believe in Jesus Christ are condemned. (John 3:17-18).
The moment you repent of your sin, then there is now no condemnation for you. Only a person who does not feel repentant about his/her sin is condemned; because he/she is not living according to the Spirit. It’s because you are living according to the Spirit that you can discern your works in the flesh.

When a minister stumbles and falls, almost as a pattern, other ministers distance themselves from such a minister; when in actual fact, that’s the time such a minister needs the support of his/her colleagues. Usually it’s because everyone wants to protect his/her own ministry. Yet we pick up our bibles and read and meditate on portions of the book of Psalms written by another servant of God, David who also fell terribly. Is this not deception? If we have forgiven David, why are we turning our backs on a minister in our generation who fell?
Any minister that has the nature of Christ will still stand with ministers who have fallen.

Once, a Pastor was raped; and after that one encounter, he began to engage in illicit sex escapades. This is what he revealed when he was found out, hear him: “I would repent in tears after each encounter, promising the Lord never to do it again. But as a pastor, I had nowhere to turn for help. I lived that way for ten years without the church knowing. When the church knew, I was given 24hrs to resign; and No PASTOR came to my rescue; either to pray, encourage or…; even though I had caught AIDS.”
Before that Pastor eventually died, he lamented that the government came to his aid and in his last moments of despair, a Gay couple cared for him and for the needs for his burial. But the church lost one of her finest hours!

Though the Church was experiencing darkness, she could not “switch on” her light for illumination. Bible says, we are the light of the world and light shines brightest when darkness is around.
It’s about time we began to have mercy on each other. If God, who is perfect, is merciful, then one would expect that those of us being made perfect by Jesus’ redemptive work, should show mercy; knowing that we need mercy too.
Our Christian lives shine best when we are hurt, yet are loving.
When we show mercy to those who hurt or disappoint us by not giving them the treatment we think they deserved, we attract bountiful mercy from God. And that is good business transaction!




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