A Hindu man saw a scorpion struggling to get out of a pool of water. He stretched out his hand to help save the scorpion’s life; but it stung him. He tried again and the scorpion stung him again.
Then a gentleman who was watching advised the Hindu not to bother helping the scorpion because it was the scorpion’s nature to sting.
The Hindu said:
“It is my nature to love; so why should I give up my nature to love because of the scorpion’s nature to sting?”
Hey! Whenever evil triumphs over good, it’s because good men failed to act as their nature demands.
When anointed men accuse themselves, God is equally accused. Yes, accused of making a wrong choice; and we must know that even if He made a “wrong choice” by our myopic human assessment, it is not strange to Him.
We are introduced to a voice in Heaven saying “…. The accuser of our brothers has been thrown out; the one who accuses them before God day and night.” (Rev. 12:10).
It’s the nature of Satan to accuse. He built the foundation of his ministry on accusation right from Heaven and has since expanded it by same. Scriptures confirm that’s what he invests his time on day and night. If a man does a thing day and night, that’s the reason for his living. Satan’s main pre-occupation is to accuse you and I.
A careful study of the scriptures reveals that Satan always looked for a way to accuse Christ in order to dent His image before the God of justice. Satan cannot harm without first accusing. That’s why his human agents always looked for a way to accuse Christ first.
“In order to accuse Him, they were watching…” (Mark 3:2).
Why then should ministers employ the same tool to expand the Kingdom of God? Just why do ministers accuse one another daily?
It is possible to see a leader’s fault and assist him out of it by prayers! That, of course, takes power to do; even though there are ministers waiting for others to fall so that they can accuse them!  Don’t waste your destiny on another man’s process.
The moment we accuse other leaders before people to justify why our ministry is better, we have employed Satan’s strategy.
We are vessels of God called to service; yet some of us are still available to Satan for use! If we are truly sold out to God, we can’t be available for Satan to use at will.
So Satan has no right using you for a few minutes to accuse your brother and then release you to go and preach on Sunday for God. The truth is that, though we try hard to conceal names as we accuse each other from our pulpits, often times, our listeners have the right guesses about those we are referring to. At other times, we run down other ministers within our circle of friends, mainly due to sheer envy.
It was when Satan visited the garden that he injected the spirit of accusation into man. Adam accused God…. “You gave me… ” while his wife “also played along to pass the buck”.
If the scripture refers to Satan as the accuser of the brethren and we too engage in the same “ministry”, i.e. accusing our brethren, then we have knowingly become partakers of Satan’s nature.
Don’t allow that strange nature to lead to building walls of division in the Body of Christ.
I hear the Lord say loud and clear:
“Don’t touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm!” (Ps. 105:15)   
This warning is for everyone - - Kings, Priests, etc. Sadly enough today, we harm each other by the dangerous spirit of accusation.
Remember, the anointed is God’s own; hence the scripture stresses it as “My anointed” and not “The anointed”. If he is an “adulterous anointed”, he belongs to God. If she is a “stealing anointed”, she belongs to God still.
Just remember to treat him/her as God’s anointed, and watch how you present him/her to the Lord. The scripture further says, “Don’t slander a servant to his master…” (Prov. 30:10).
Now we see David being pursued by Saul in order to kill him. But then, both of them were anointed. And though David had opportunities to kill Saul, he refused to make use of them.
On one occasion, he said to his men who suggested that he should kill Saul at a vantage position…
“The Lord forbids that I should do this thing to my master, the Lord’s anointed…. seeing he is anointed of the Lord”. (1 Sam. 24:6).
I hear David say: “Though my master’s character is a complete washout; but the Lord anointed him all the same! I must respect God’s judgement”.
Anointing is for Kingdom service. It has nothing to do with the person’s character. If it had to do with character, timid Gideon did not qualify; neither did an angry Moses nor a proud Paul. God knew ahead of time that Samson would like women.
Anointing is God’s business in a minister’s life while character is the preacher’s sole prerogative. So please, a preacher’s poor character should not be a basis to insult God’s grace upon his life to function. If you insult him, you insult God. It’s a matter of separating the preacher and the anointing.
The minister is anointed for the people. So when you go ahead to bring him/her down before the people, you are simply fighting against the purpose of the anointing- i.e. directly attempting to stop God’s move.
I refuse to run down God’s anointed, and when I mistakenly do, I repent.
Think about it! What would any minister have done to you that is worse than what Saul did to David?
There was an open threat to his life; yet he restrained himself. Even when he cut the edge of Saul’s garment, the Bible says, “David’s heart troubled him because he had cut Saul’s robe”. (1 Sam. 24:5)
Has your heart ever troubled you over what you did to a fellow minister? It’s time to feel troubled; it’s time to wonder why we accused our brethren so much in the past.
Honestly, it’s high time we stopped helping Satan to pollute God’s Kingdom. Saul tore Samuel’s garment (1 Sam. 15:27); hence his kingdom was taken from him. David also cut a piece of Saul’s garment and Bible records that he was troubled within. He knew for sure that something was wrong in the spirit realm.
Eventually, for one reason or the other, somewhere along the line, a part of the kingdom was taken from him. It does not matter your anointing; don’t touch THE anointed!
David asked a question, “Who can stretch out his hand against the Lord’s anointed, and be guiltless?” (1 Sam. 26:9). If you interpret “touch” to mean “kill” you are right either way. In the Old Testament, one had to physically kill to murder. But in our dispensation, bitterness is regarded as murder.
Even when we fast, the enemy makes us to focus on the length of the fast; rather than the quality. But I hear the Spirit say, “You cannot fast as you do today hoping to make your voice heard on high… get rid of ….. Finger-pointing”. (Isa. 58:4-9).
Ministers of God, let us make amends. Let’s stop pointing the accusing fingers; so that we don’t frustrate our own efforts when we pray, fast…. Rather, let us pray and uphold fellow brethren privately.




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